Gabrielle Karber

Grade: 12Gabrielle Karber

School: Vancouver iTech Preparatory

What do you want to do after high school?

I am attending University of Arizona and majoring in political science with a minor in political communication. After undergrad, I plan on going to law school and then eventually running for office.

Who or what helped you make that plan?

All of the opportunities I have been given have shaped me into the strong goal setting woman I am today. I have had chances to enhance my leadership skills and have worked with inspiring people who encourage me to reach success.

What advice would you give to a friend or classmate who is trying to decide what they want to do after they graduate?

Some advice that I was given when I was debating future plans is that there are many different career paths in life. If you are unsure at the moment, find something that you are passionate about and make goals around that. Life is too short to be doing something you don’t enjoy.