Sophia Zabell

Grade: 12Sophia Zabell

School: Vancouver iTech Preparatory

What do you want to do after high school?

After high school, I plan to attend a university and eventually graduate with my B.A. in International Relations and Politics. After graduating, I hope to either go to graduate school or beginning working for the U.S. government (Department of State) or an international organization.

Who or what helped you make that plan?

My family, professors (at Clark College), and the staff in the International Programs Office (at Clark College) helped me to make this plan. A lot of online research and asking around helped me to form a better idea of where I want to go to school and how I want my future to look. I also think that meeting people and traveling allowed me to hear different viewpoints and personal experiences that inspired my passion for international affairs.

What advice would you give to a friend or classmate who is trying to decide what they want to do after they graduate?

I would advise a friend or classmate to ask around and try to experience as many different types of work as possible. Networking and asking people about their jobs, college, and general life experiences can help to develop a solid idea of what you may or may not want in the future. I also think that being involved in the community and being open to opportunities, can be very helpful in exercising different skills to see what they’re best suited for.