The Skyview Scholarship Fund Committee has increased its Outstanding Student Trade/Technical Scholarship to $2,500! A trade or technical school may be a great choice for a student who wants to receive hands-on training and start their career in six months or less!  Programs vary in cost and time requirements but there are SO many opportunities out there; to name just a few—heavy equipment operator, HVAC technician, lineman, or welder.

The application process is as follows:

Interested seniors should write a short, narrative essay explaining their interest in the specific career path and the school they are seeking to attend.

The winning student essay will demonstrate some or all the following characteristics.

  • Demonstrate a high level of scholastic achievement specific to the career path they aspire to
  • Been involved in school or outside activities that demonstrate their interest in the specific career path
  • Show that they are/were a participating member of the Storm community during their time at Skyview
  • Known and respected by teachers/staff and peers

In addition to your essay, you will also need to submit:

  • Copy of transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation/support from a teacher or staff member
  • Letter of support from a classmate or person outside of school (not a parent)

Apply here:

Deadline:  April 25, 2022