Write about bugs and get $500!  The Student Success Scholarship was designed to help students further their education and work towards graduation. The scholarship is designed for graduating high school students.  Two awards will be made (one in spring and one in fall)

Essay Topics

  • 10 Reasons Spiders Are Good
  • 10 Reasons Spiders Are Dangerous
  • 3 Spiders Who Eat Their Mates
  • Top Spiders Who Don’t Spin Webs
  • Which Spiders Bite Humans
  • Where Do Spiders Go In The Winter?
  • Can Cockroaches Survive Nuclear Explosions
  • Are Cockroaches Nocturnal?
  • Where Did Cockroaches Come From?
  • Who Would Win In A Fight, A Cockroach Or A Beetle?

Note: Only four essays allowed per applicant per topic. Once the limit has been reached, the system automatically replaces that essay topic with a new one. Please don’t hesitate to submit your essay once it is written as the topic might disappear.

Deadline:  October 31, 2021